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  1. 20 hours ago, joey_martin said:

    @blueriver and @ShaneK I am using a 5 year old off the shelf HP with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 750Ti, which does NOT run the real time raytracing, but does everything else very well. I only say all this because I would expect to have multiple issues with my system and I don't so I think your issues are not related to Chief alone, but something on your end that is causing the problem. I always have auto framing, foundations, and roofs on while I am working on an inital design, and I don't have slow downs at all.


    And @ShaneK where have you been hiding!? Haven't seen you around for a bit.

    Too many irons in the Fire!!! I'm 60 yrs old and trying to get away from contractor world,,,, online design work has EXPLODED with all these Barndominiums. My post frame experience has paid off, and I see you are doing well,,,, I keep track of you just to make sure I'm up to date. 

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  2. This is a huge problem with no answer and I have been dealing with it too. I even bought brand new computer thinking my 6 yrs old Lenovo was issue. It was not,,, because I still have freeze ups. Make sure window drivers and video card are up to date. I had a rtx 3060 in Lenovo and now I have rtx 3080 in new computer. Running windows 10 in Lenovo and windows 11 in new computer. Also make sure you are working and saving to same directory,,, ESPECIALLY your archive and backup files. 

  3. On 9/23/2022 at 2:13 PM, ACADuser said:

    First welcome to the forum.

    Second take a few minutes to update your forum signature to display what version of Chief you are using.

    Third, there are several folks her that do one on one training.. It will go a long way getting you started.

    Fourth as the software evolves some of the video's & help info may be a little behind theses changes.

    Fifth post a plan file when seeking specific answers. Make sure to close the plan file before posting or it will be an empty file.


    That said the learning curve is a bit steep at first but you will reap rewards from you study. Read read read.

    I prefer the videos as they revel all sorts of good technique if you pay attention.


    Good luck..


    I remember you joining or rather switching design software,,,  you have CERTAINLY mastered ChiefArchitect. We all continue to learn.

  4. This is a serious issue and it truly started when we were forced to upgrade video cards. X14 is far worse than X13 and I have tried new template directly from X14 (I made new template in X13) I have Nvidia updates, window driver updates ect.... yesterday it Froze up twice and can not reproduce. I agree with maybe anti-virus software or back up software causing issues. I hit save every minute or so,,,, then when it freezes or crashes I reboot and do not sit waiting for it to recover. Still best software for what I do but ChiefArchitect needs to focus on performance and QUIT WORRYING ABOUT PRETTY PICTURES.

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