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  1. serenity

    Architect needed

    Need has been met. Thanks to all who inquired.
  2. serenity

    Architect needed

    Good afternoon. I need assistance from an architect that is either licensed nationally or in the State of Kentucky. I was hired to do a commercial job of a certain size for a client and part way through the process the client changed the scope/size of the project. At this point, due to the size and nature of the building class, I have to have an architect review/stamp the plans. Now, I am not looking for "just a stamp". I would not ask for someone to take the risk/liability. I need someone who not only can review the plan but also have in put on the design i.e. be part of the process. The plan was started in X10 and will be completed in X10. If there is such a person here who can and is willing to help please send me a PM. Thank you. Sincerely,
  3. serenity

    Opposite roof pitches

  4. serenity

    Opposite roof pitches

    Thanks guys. Chop saw, I figured as much.It will require a twist and some serious cutting, even then I doubt it would have really worked well. I wanted to double check before I told them and faced the "what do you mean I can't do it this way" look,. It's nice to know every once in a while that I am not totally off. Thanks!!!
  5. serenity

    Opposite roof pitches

    Hey guys, I got the the attached graph paper file from a client who wants his roof to look this way. The roofing is to be corrugated metal. I know this can be physically accomplished in the real world because the metal can be cut. However, I have been very unsuccessful in getting this to work in chief. I need to know if anyone has been able to complete a look like this and if so, how did you do it. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and input. J
  6. serenity

    Knoxville, TN Area

    I am in the Knoxville area. I sent you a PM.
  7. serenity

    Stringer vs Carriage

    Thank you both, I can see now that I am not insane, just going a little crazy. Yes the guy is nitpicking...even the structural engineer I'm working with is getting annoyed at this guy. I am hoping this graphic will be to his satisfaction. Although I am not sure he will. Thanks again, you've been quite helpful..
  8. Ok, people now is your opportunity to help me determine whether I am crazy or just insane. I have always been under the impression that a stair stringer and stair carriage were the sasme things. I have seen details labeled both ways. Now, I have a client who keeps send me the plans back for frivolous nitpicking changes. The past two times he keeps saying he wants a carriage detail of the stairs. I have tried to be nice and tried to offer different details, but today I got the plans sent back again with just this one little items: ":Please show carriage detail". Pardon my my language but...Damn, I even looked online to see if I am totally off my rockers and don't understand what a nasty stair carriage is, but every blasted one I see uses the same terminology interchangeable. So, someone please tell me if there is a secrete stair carriage detail out there floating around that I have totally missed or what. Thanks.
  9. serenity

    Graphic issues

    Well unfortunately my computer is an "all in one". It was a gift a few years back since my previous computer (9+ years old) was...well...old and I Needed something new. Anyway, I have downloaded the X9 update 3 times and tried to install it and i get the same error message: program update does not contain a valid windows installer package". is the kicker, it then turned around an took my entire chief Architect program OFF my computer!. I don't have the program to even work with and Iit won't download X9 at all...I have sent message to tech support, but will have to wait 2-3 hours in the morning to even see if I have a response from them since they are at least 2 hours behind me in the time zone arena. I might as well just retire...this is just crazy. We'll see what tech support has to say. In the meantime...zzzzz......
  10. serenity

    Graphic issues

    Well, jokes on me in every way....Had my IT guy go through my computer and was I ever in for a surprise. Dell has everything and my graphics card under proprietary "locK'.. and the graphics card cannot be upgraded! It is hard embedded in to the main drive etc. and NOT and NVidia! (My workstation was a gift-long story) I am sick, this means I have to get a new computer I hate that. I have already ordered my new set up, but in hopes the "Chief X9 Program Update" I was notified of would fix things, I downloaded the update. Now the download file will not work, it says it is corrupted or missing a portion of the update. I am so frustrated...I have a project due early next week and all I seem to be doing is floundering!. Is anyone else having these issues? Has anyone else downloaded the recent Program Update? If so, has the graphics update portion worked in any way??? I am curious to know. Thanks.
  11. serenity

    Graphic issues

    Well, I never changed any of my settings so I have no idea what happened. As for specs,. I do know I run win 8.1, 64 bit, 1 terabite hardrive, NVidia graphic card, 16 gig of ram. I am going to do some diagnostics...see if something got changed during the catalog downloads. Thanks for the comments.
  12. serenity

    Graphic issues

    I need some help and/or suggestions. My graphics card and computer have been fine for the longest time and was working fine the other day. I upgraded to X9 and still everything was good, but then a couple of days ago I was downloading catalogs and got a strange graphic card error. I said ok, and kept going. Then yesterday I tried to do a camera shot and now none of my rendering or camera shots work at all. They show up black. The floor plan color is fine and the color in all my other programs and desktop etc., work just fine. I have made sure my settings in Chief are right but... Have anyone else experienced this? If so, what did you do to fix it? Thanks for your help.
  13. serenity

    draft home from photo references

    Mr. Galler, Sorry to disappoint, but you need to contact the original poster, TexasMProsPlus. I am not the one needing the work completed. I was just discussing the method of how it could be done.
  14. serenity

    draft home from photo references

    Thus the reason for specific and detailed contracts. Not impossible, but tedious. The best way is to have the person photograph a distant view of each side being measured by some people and then a close up of the tape showing the measurement. Each photographed measurement must be agreed upon by all parties prior to actually putting pen to paper or mouse movement. As I said, tedious work for sure for the person doing the measuring but it can work.