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  1. Thank you. Your first suggestion (color toggle) worked best for what I needed right away. I didn't realize its status on my layout coversheet. It looks to be all or nothing throughout the entire set, however.


    The other option (turning a jpeg into a cad block) was a great idea but it won't override whatever decision was made with the above toggle button.


    Ideally I'd find a way to isolate elements on a sheet for color purposes. While most things will always be b&w/grayscale, I do prefer the project photo/rendering on my coversheet to be in color, as well as my titleblock logo on all sheets to be in color. Hmmm.



  2. Occasionally I'll drag & drop a color image (jpeg or screen snip) into Chief. They're usually photos or map screenshots that need to be shown in color but change to black and white. It's happening in both plan files & on layout sheets. I think I've gone through all of the image settings once pasted into Chief, as well as misc file default settings and system preferences, and have also searched the reference guide with no luck. This seems like it should be a quick toggle of something. Any ideas?


  3. Is there a way to see the length of a line or polyline while it is still being drawn without having to hit the "tab" bar to pop up a separate window (in which to manually enter a dimension every time)? It seems like an automatic feature in most other CAD/BIM programs, which eliminates a lot of extra clicks. I'm guessing it is simply a visibility setting but I can't find a reference or answer to this anywhere.


    My purpose is to outline properties & lots, in case there is a dedicated tool for that which I'm also missing. "Property line" searches don't turn anything up on this.


    Either way answers to both items greatly appreciated.