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  1. They are on CAD, Elevation Details layer This is the trick! Thank you!
  2. Is there a way to erase entities on a visible layer? Or like the shift key, select all from a specific layer? Or, more specifically, I had to mirror a plan and my sections are messed up with Auto Details that were applied to the section. How do I delete these details so I can apply again? Thank you, Steve
  3. I just wanted to add that I cloned the C: drive to a new 1TB Samsung SSD 980 PRO - Replacing my 970 and I can see a considerable difference in the speed of the undo and other functions. X12 was not really an issue with refreshing the 3D model, but in X13 (standard mode) when I delete a roof plane (for example) and then undo, the model would fade for a moment, sometimes like 1 to 2 seconds and then rebuild. Now it is hardly noticeable and the object(s) pop back into place. I put my old ram back in, back to 32 from 64 and faster because I was getting a blue blank screen. However, I am still getting this blue screen so looking into why that is happening. When we went to update the graphic driver I would get the blue screen. I am running 4 monitors so thinking of disconnected 2 of them to see how it goes. Maybe something is going on with my driver. Bottom line, upgrading to the 980 made a noticeable difference for anyone wanting to gain some more speed. I also updated my storage drive D: to a 2TB 980 PRO so loading plans is faster also. Thank you everyone who helped with advice here! BTW, I tried using Macrium Reflect but kept getting an error so ended up using AOMEI Backupper which worked perfectly.
  4. Ah! Right there it is!! Thank you, Mick!
  5. I had the computer crash and the temp files remain. I tested it by opening a plan, making some changes and the undo temp files showed up. When I closed normally the temp files were removed - all good. Further question on temp files... When my computer crashed, (I think I over clocked the new ram and put that back to auto) and went back in to open a plan I was working on, it wanted to use an auto saved version, which I excepted. However, it said it was corrupted and would not open. So I went to open the file again without the saved version and it was like an hour old. Most of the things I worked on were gone. That was fine because I was messing around with a portal framing detail. However, if it was a clients plan, I may not be so dismissive. I have the preferences set up to save every 2 minutes. Where can I go to find a backup file that is more than 2 minutes old? In AutoCAD I created a system to backup with every save which created a copy of the last backup and put that into a separate "Previous" folder and then it would overwrite the file in the main "Current" folder. So even when the software crashed and would possibly corrupts the "Current" file, I always had a "Previous" backup. Does CA do something similar so I can get my hands on at least a more recent file? Thank you, Steve
  6. I figured. Now that I have the Temp folder under my own path I will watch it. Thank you
  7. Thank you very much! I do see that on my X12 I used the default Temp folder which is also used by many other programs, where my X13 I set up my own Temp folder.
  8. Can I go into me Temp folder and delete old dated or even all Temp files to clean things up?
  9. Great to know - thank you for the info!
  10. I agree. My son keeps showing me gaming setups, and I keep coming back to him with, ok, thats nice, but will it speed up CA's typical CAD operations within the drawing. He does not know the answer to that. I have done some research on CAD setups, but not enough to know what I would be talking about. Chief has their recommendations and requirements, but it would be nice if Chief developers would chime into some of this and say, well, if you don't mind spending some extra dollars, we would highly recommend this because it helps with, X, Y and Z, etc.
  11. I've never done this. Makes me nervous moving my operating system. For now I am thinking of reinstalling CA on the new drive and set up my paths. Leave the C: as is. I know my son wants me to move everything to the new drive so I will cross that road when they show up. I just cannot afford to be down for long.
  12. Thank you. I'm assuming adding my Undo and Temp, and perhaps all of CA onto the NVME is a good start.
  13. Great info. I will bookmark this thread for future upgrade advise.
  14. Very good. Thank you Larry. I work along just fine now with only a few jobs that cause lag, and I have done very little to make my own materials so I am going to leave things as they are now and wait for some real change in hardware before I upgrade. No reason to spend money on such little gain with new things coming around the corner.
  15. EDIT*: Ah! So I would need to upgrade "*to a new motherboard" anyway to support the new CPU.
  16. Very interesting. While it is faster, the difference is so little, I may need to hold off for a time. Thank you!!
  17. Yeah, I am having some fun, but wanting to see of I can improve what I am doing a bit. With any CAD software, once you get good at what you're doing, you can often outperform the processing... click, click, click is always nicer than... click, click, wait, click. I will need to pay closer attention as I work to notice how CA is working and then once I upgrade how it works.
  18. Per pcpartpicker - my motherboard can work with the Intel 11900K... see image But does require some additional items... see image I did just build this computer a little over a year ago with some upgrades since, but I would not be against putting in a new motherboard. For those who may find this thread, my son turned me onto this guy who tests and helps you find the right hardware... EDIT: I wanted to add that with my motherboard, it does support the "Intel® Core™ i9-11900K" with an update to the BIOS. Based on my study into the CPU fans I believe the one I have is already fine for this setup.
  19. Thank you Mick. I was thinking a new CPU may be in order. Back in the 80's I built all of our companies computers, but today I relay on my two sons and people like yourself as my interest is not what it used to be
  20. This was very helpful... on Files Locally I would say I follow all these recommendations quite well and my speed is just fine for 95% of my work. I can experience some lag with larger houses, and then I keep my 3D off as much as I can which does speed it up. I do zoom meetings often where I use one monitor and split the screen to plan and 3D and then things slow down a bit.
  21. Another question I will have, and you can see that I have 4 monitors which I love as I draw (plan view) on the bottom left, 3D floor in my bottom right, client notes, etc on the top left and my email, calendar, schedule software (Asana), G-Drive, etc, in a browser on my top right. Works very nice. My question is can 60Hz monitors slow down the performance of CA? Or better said, can a higher Hz increase performance speed with CA?