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  1. Hi,


    I need a simple roof plan printed, and the house has 1.5 stories. I have a roof plan layerset. The only way I've been able to see both roofs at one time is to "F9" to superimpose the main level roof plan to see it with the second level roof plan, and turn off unnecessary layers. In plan view, it is showing how I would like to see it in print. When I send it to layout, it doesn't show all roofs, and still shows interior walls. I've tried it from the second level, superimposing the first, and get the same result. OR, is there another way to view both levels of roofs at the same time? This is ultimately what I want. 


    Thank you!! 


    As seen in layout:

    roof plan - in layout.PNG


    As seen in plan view:

    roof plan - in plan view.PNG