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  1. 2 hours ago, GeneDavis said:

    Nice presentation and discussion, Eric.  I think the OP has a situation where the new structure is going to be built atop the asbuilt slab, and its wall lines will be inside those slab edges.  Like maybe a foot.  So he may just want to make his slab, the one Chief builds for him under his porch, invisible material, and let the asbuilt slab show.


    Or put it on its own layer, and turn off the layer display.

    Or open below, or remove the floor in this room option.

  2. 35 minutes ago, Jeffcrigler said:

    here is the structure of the room

    Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 2.02.23 PM.png

    Looks like you used the apply materials (spray can) and made it an invisible material such as "Insulation Gap, or Opening No Material).  Show the materials panel of that dbx to see if that is the case.  

  3. 1 hour ago, GaryOhmer said:

    go to help and search profile plan

    Template plan.


    Chief has global preferences which is for system preferences


    Separate are Plan specific settings that you save in a template plan to begin each job with.

  4. 3 hours ago, Gawdzira said:

    One of the issue you might be having is that you do not have the Extended Toolbar displayed. Go to image.thumb.png.5f53451dc252f44747209828a0445ca5.png


    Then toimage.thumb.png.afc88c2eebe3022b9ae8ca3dbddebd9a.png


    You might need to import the Extended Toolbar configuration or it may already be in your list.

    Or right click on an empty part of the toolbars and change the configuration there.

  5. 13 hours ago, Tiger27 said:


    Looking for someone to finish a house design i started in Home designer pro 2020.  

    Any body interested please email me. airtool27@ aol.com



    PM Sent

  6. 7 hours ago, mthd97 said:

    about this old issue ?

    I am sorry but you are using software from 6 years ago.  I would venture to say since at least X10 and most likely before that due to my skill set improving with the use of the software that there has not been a regular basis need for editing plot lines.  I have found without exception that 99.9% of the times those errant lines are on there is because the model is not accurate or built how chief is designed to work.  It can be done.  I do probably a good hundred plan sets a year from large full customs, additions, kitchen and bath design, etc. I cannot even remember last time I have had to use the edit plot lines tool.

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  7. 34 minutes ago, mthd97 said:

    I have spent many hours on elevations and cross sections in CA cleaning up cad lines that I don’t need. Yes my model was always accurate.

    This is a contradictory statement.  I have maybe one job in a year where I may need to cover an errant line or use the layout remove plot line tool.  That is honestly being generous as I really can’t remember the last time..  accurate model will not have those lines.

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  8. 2 hours ago, Joe_Carrick said:


    How did you get the posts and the glass for that matter to go below the floor?  I've not been able to find anything in the railing dbx that allows that to happen.

    Open to below room outside of the invisible railing with the floor set to the depth you want the posts to go below the adjacent floor (12" lower in this example).  You have to set your newel height to the different height as well.

  9. 17 hours ago, Joe_Carrick said:

    Perhaps I should have said "Using the Railing Tool" alone isn't one of them.   Depending on the Wall Definition the offset is definitely possible.  However, the Offset Newels extending below the floor level would need to be handled another way.

    Railing tool alone, invisible, just posts, just glass all railings. 5 minutes so not exactly what he is looking for but it can be done.



  10. 3 hours ago, Joe_Carrick said:

    There are several ways to do this in Chief.  But using the "Railing Tool" isn't one of them.  IOW, it requires some "Out of the Box" thinking. ;)  David's method is just one that I can think of - but not necessarily my 1st choice. :lol:

    I disagree.  I think three railings or two and an invisible wall would do this just fine…. Just need to set two of them as partition.  One for the newells and one for the glass custom panel.

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  11. 3 hours ago, GeneDavis said:

    I'm showing the client what the cab insides look like, just the ones with rollout trays, shelf divider panels, and trash and spice pullouts.  This, so there are no surprises.


    Pics are much better than descriptions.


    Chief does shelves behind hinged doors, but not behind drawers.  I got what I was after changing the cab front to "opening" where the door was, and using loose parts and manually positioning them for the staged shot shown below.  After that I changed the cab back to one with a fixed panel door, and specified the RevAShelf kit in the comments.

    Screenshot 2022-09-17 103213.jpg

    Next time just add it to the cabinet and select 50% open and you can show open and closed and have the specs built in.

  12. 7 minutes ago, heidistokoe said:

    Hello! I am using x10. I am trying to get each of my floors to show up separately in 3D. I.E. when i'm on floor 1 it will show all my walls and no roof, when I go to floor 2 it will then show the roof in addition to the walls. I can't find where I can change how this is displayed in 3D. Any help would be appreciated!


    Thank you!


    Setup a Layer set for your 3d view that turns off the roof.  Then you can change what level you are on as well.  in X11 at least and it may even be available in X10 (I just cant remember) there is an OOB Layer set and camera view that will allow a "doll-house" view which you are describing.  It is called the "perspective floor overview" camera.

  13. 1 hour ago, DBCooper said:

    If your user library has lots of custom materials, you have to also worry about the referenced texture files (and maps if you use them).  The material gets saved in the plan but the referenced files don't.  This means that if you are going to put your custom materials on the cloud/network, you will also need to worry about how to manage these referenced files.  I don't have any advice on the best way to do this since this is not something I have tried to do.  According to the article, the program will migrate these referenced files with the user library but this might only happen if they are being stored in the chief folders.  

    If you are in the habit of creating a full backup of the plans in a dated folder and duplicating the folder (changing date only) for any revisions, then this issue would go away.  The AB, New, layout files will all remain the same name and all the referenced files stay in the folder.

  14. 26 minutes ago, KacyRSC said:

    I am in the process of redesigning a Timber frame that burnt down, and have hit a wall with the roof design in Chief Architect x14. 


    By default, rafters obviously extend past the exterior wall to support the eave. In a timber frame, the SIP panel structure is what creates the eave. The timber rafters play no part in it, and I need them to stop inside the exterior wall. How do you force the rafters to end inside the exterior wall?

    Those are no longer rafters but roof beams in chiefs modeling world.  They will be placed manually.  The roof framing is the foam section of sips.

  15. 36 minutes ago, Pickle_Board said:

    I started reading this thread because I'm having a similar issue, but the suggest "exploded" feature won't help me. The reason I need to apply a backsplash and not apply the material directly is to run different tiles, for instance right now I am trying to do 3 tiles high of subway and then a thin stripe of black tile. On the side walls I have no issues making backsplash, but on the back wall I need a 1/2 wall that creates a ledge and then the tile continues up. If I use a 1/2 wall I can't apply backsplash to the wall behind it. So then I tried using a poly line solid to build the 1/2 wall which allows me to tile the top 1/2 but I still can't add the tile properly to the solid. 


    Any thoughts on solutions for this?

    Using Chief Architect Interiors X14


    Thanks so much to anyone taking the time to read/respond!



    This is totally doable but very separate in nature.  Better to post this as a separate post.  There is many ways to accomplish it and one would be a custom material instead of individual backsplashes.  In this way you can set it so all grout lines line up in the X,Y axxis.


    Post it up and you will have lots of support.

  16. 15 hours ago, glennw said:

    I believe the OP is talking about the MENU bar, not the TOOLBARS.

    I occasionally loose my main menu bar and am then left with the truncated menu bar that displays when there is no drawing open:


    But I have never lost the whole menu bar.


    I have seen the menu bar disappear when having a 3d view up but have never been able to reproduce the issue so even though I reported it they don't have a way to find out the issue to fix it.  Typically I can flip through my screens and select the different views I have open and eventually it will pop back up.  Never the same thing and very sporadic maybe once every two weeks at most.

  17. 4 hours ago, DBCooper said:

    If all of the info in the columns match, then the doors will be grouped together.  If you don't want them grouped, you have to add a column that shows that they are different (and previews won't count).  Try adding the size, hinge side, a custom label, or a comment column.


    According to the program help:




    schedule grouping.png


    3 minutes ago, Kbird1 said:


    This is what I do, so there are no errors from the Window/Door Companies, like Qty. Swing etc and each has it own Sch. No# etc which also makes questions via Phone or Email easier if needed.



    Although there are some benefits to doing this I have had issues with several window companies adapting this to their window orders.  Marvin and Pella being two of the ones that refused to have different numbers for identical windows.  This honestly would be my preferred although in some of these bigger houses the window schedule gets really long...  But I have had so much push back that I continue to keep the similar ones checked and when I need to differentiate I will either have a comment on that door (even using a macro for swing or hinge, etc.) so as to separate the minor differences.


  18. 50 minutes ago, GeneDavis said:

    Ordinary sliding glass door.  Shouldn't one with fixed panel right be numbered differently than one with fixed panel left?  


    They are both given schedule callout W01 in my window schedule.  The window salesmen is attentive and professional and quotes one W01 left and one W01 right.  There is a 50 percent chance the builder will install them wrong, no matter how I annotate the drawings.  I'll bet on wrong.


    How can I control this so they get separate callouts?

    Screenshot 2022-09-03 094637.jpg

    Find the schedule column that reports the difference or create a custom field set to slide direction and add that info to those two doors.  It will number them separately.


    btw @GeneDavis I will be in Naples next weekend.

  19. 2 hours ago, weverett50 said:

    Most houses I design are pueblo style which have varying heights of parapets.  When I have a variation in height, the edge of the wall shows framing rather than stucco.  These extra lines mess up the elevation views as well as when I show the customer in 3d.  Anyone have a remedy for this?  Thank you!


    Most common methods would be using:


    Wall Caps


    But you can also use:


    3d Solids

    Roof Planes

    Ceiling Planes


    hmmm probably forgetting about 20-30 other methods that are more creative..