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  1. What is DBA?Under Roof Plan specification, I tried lowering the height at 2nd floor, under lock base line height to 7'8.5" and it loweed the that whole side to the first floor to that height!


    I cannot figure it out.

    1. Designer100


      it has a 0/12 pitch on top and 7'8.5" plate line across each side ( I cannot figure this part out) to create the existing roof.




    2. StephenGreene


      sorry....i just saw this. glad you figured it out. glad to help.

  2. I need walls on sloped roof pitch to come down on sides to line up with soffit

    Need columns to go to soffit or beam


    would appreciate help. 

    porch redering issues 07.11.2022.jpg

    RV Garage.plan

    1. Designer100


      Here is plan in CA 14. 

      would appreciate help. 

      RV Garage.plan

  3. When I try to download a library in x10 it is defautlng to x9. Do  you know how to fix this issue:


    1. dshall


      Make sure X-10 is open and X9 is closed.  Other than that,  I have no idea/

  4. I resent floor plan and a screen shot of corner at 2nd level. thanks if you can help.