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  1. NovaScotiaBuild

    Western Canada User Group

    Hello, Good to see we have a group of our own. i live in Airdrie and have been using Chief now for a year. CA X11,CA X12 and Home Designer Pro 2020
  2. NovaScotiaBuild

    Furring Strips

    CHIEF ARCHITECT X11, I Will get this added.
  3. NovaScotiaBuild

    Furring Strips

    How Can I place Furring Strips Horizontally or if i can at all? P.B CA X11
  4. NovaScotiaBuild

    Angled Walls

    Anyone???i have done it in Home Designer Pro awhile back but for the life of me I can seem to find how to do this again
  5. NovaScotiaBuild

    Angled Walls

    to identify what angle the wall is in plan view, example if its 135 degree i want to show it as a 135 degree. Chief X11 Pro 20
  6. NovaScotiaBuild

    Angled Walls

    Hello, How can i label a wall for example thats 45 degree in plan view? HD 2020 CA x11
  7. NovaScotiaBuild

    Selling CA Pro X11 - $2,000

    This is in Canadian Dollars I would assume?
  8. NovaScotiaBuild

    Detach workshop

    I can take directions pretty well most of the time,Can you help. CA x11
  9. NovaScotiaBuild

    Detach workshop

    Hello, I have my house situated on the property ( plot plan) and i am wondering if i can add a detach workshop on the same lot and have CA x11 show it in perspective full overview? HD 2020 CA x11
  10. NovaScotiaBuild


    Will do, thx
  11. NovaScotiaBuild


    Hello,, I recently work in Home dsigner pro 2020 and change over to X11 and for some reason i cant find the files i had been working on in pro 2020 since the transition,Its all in X11 program.any one know whats going on? CA X11
  12. NovaScotiaBuild

    Exterior Trim

    Hello, I am trying to place a white 6" trim Horozontally at the bottom of the exterior wall around the perimeter of the house,Can you help?