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  1. 3 hours ago, Joe_Carrick said:


    Do these extend beyond 360 degrees?  Sometimes (often) it's necessary to have more treads and risers to reach from floor to floor.  In order to do that the spiral stair needs to wrap around past 360 degrees.

    Thank you Joe for the comment. 
    Yes we have symbols both bellow and beyond the 360°. As you can see in the video for example, we have two spiral stair symbols of 30° spiral stairs. The 1st one having 11 threads is less than 360° and the 2nd one with 14 threads is beyond the 360°. 

    Thanks again Joe.






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  2. 3 hours ago, stevenyhof said:

    Very ingenious, Yusuf!




    3 hours ago, stevenyhof said:

    Here is what I have...



    I do have some issue with my winders, they are not working and have a support ticket open. That might be my issue. I will update once I get an answer to that.

    Thank you,


    Hey Steve

    Great you have got all the setting, I see you uploaded the dbx. You missed the other important setting to make the smooth transitions. The newel setting! 

    Let me add a little more explanation.

    How does the program calculate the railing on top of different sections in a railing? I found out that it depends on the newel spacing. If the newel spacing is set to 50cm and compare it with another one with 100cm spacing, you will see the former will have smooth transitions. 

    Therefore, if you set NS=0 and (newel width = 0) you get perfect smooth transitions.

    I watched your video and see you had issues with smoothness. Hope that helps.


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  3. 15 hours ago, glennw said:


    You just beat me to it.
    I had it figured out by using the top rail to build the wall and using the top rail height to drop the bottom of the solid rail down below the stair itself - the top of the solid rail remains at the set height.


    Yeah Glenn, you got it. Sorry I should wait your response but I couldn't hang the OP since we were both posting and helping him in his thread seeking for help. Any ways I was sure you'll find out. And exactly your thought was where I started to think of the problem further. I just used an open railing with top rail only. Then adjusting the width and heights accordingly.

    Thank you Glenn I may come back with other fun challenges in an other thread.

  4. Hey

    Here is a video showing a solid railing that follows stair. Just a railing., no need for stingers nor wall adjystment. I need some one to win this challenge before I post a "railing library objext" that you can just drag from your user library and a draw as usual. As you can see in the video the bottom height and top height can be edited in a dialog box. As you can see it can be attached to the side of the stair too. Glenn will figure out easily I am sure.



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  5. 35 minutes ago, Dermot said:

    Stairs can be set to follow curved walls (including invisible ones) by using the "winders" option.  See picture below.  You cannot draw a true elliptical wall though so you will have to approximate the shape using multiple arcs (or lots of short segments).


    I suspect that the combination of the starter tread and the winders at the top will also be tricky to model.  I think for these I would use individual landings since they can pretty much be made any shape you want.


    curved stairs.png

    Yeah thank you Dermot.

    I didnt think of the winders. I imported the ops picture andI was just trying it using stacked landings.

    here are the images.

    thank you

    thank you

    ellipse stair 3.jpg

    ellipse stair 4.jpg

    ellipse stair.jpg

    ellipse stair 1.jpg

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  6. On 11/18/2021 at 5:50 AM, Kbird1 said:


    It's normal buddy, we somalis are known for their generosity.


    Thank goodness for google translate :) 



    I pre checked it on GT before posting and I was amazed how google translate's algorithm was designed. :) 

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  7. 20 hours ago, Kbird1 said:


    Thanks again Yusef , appreciate you posting your Symbols for everyone.




    20 hours ago, CharlesVolz said:

    Yessir! Thanks Yusuf! 

    Waa caadi sxb, anaga somali deeqsinimo ayaa nalagu yaqaannaa.


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  8. Hey Mick


    workarrouners some times connect the dots. The programmers are busy solving bigger complicated equations and may miss the easy things. I don't know how to say it.

    Any ways here is one that is complete. users will need to add it to their custom library. all you need is to create the circular hole inside the using invisible wall then drag and drop.




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  9. 52 minutes ago, Doug_N said:

    I am going to suggest in the suggestions forum the following:


    In the setup dialog:  

    Min Tread Depth

    Max Tread Depth

    Min Rise

    Max Rise

    This would make the stair generator create a code compliant stair system at the get go, (assuming that is what you input), instead of tweaking the number of treads, tread depth and rise.  


    Any thoughts on this?

    Very good Idea. I believe this can solve a number of issues. It would be even better if set up in the program default settings initially. It works for every country code requirements. The currently existing controls are quite nice. These suggested controls would be a guide or "deam to satisfy control". Thank you

  10. A lot of people are contacting me after they watch videos of reinforced concrete structures in my youtube channel. A lot of people think that chief is only good at Timber framing but as you can see in this video CA has all the tools to model and draft rcc structures too. So I thought to post here at offering service that I am ready to hold one on one session or a webinar if a group of people are interested. 


    Thanks in advance.


  11. 8 hours ago, Alaskan_Son said:


    Set landing heights manually and then simply drew stairs from landings to landings and from landing to ground.  Same thing you tried to do with floors but with landings instead.

    Yes Michael's solution works perfect. 

  12. Try two things.

    1- Marque sellect all the exported drawing in autocad workspace. Change colour to ether black or white. I dont exactly remmeber working colour, but that usually solves the issue

    2- Export hatches button may require to be ticked.

    Hope that hrlps