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  1. Hey, I'd like to hire you to get me through some perenial issues I'm having with CA. Like the wackamole game. Example: I modify a wall in the back yard and 40% of the walls in the front return to the default material. And window jumping from floor to floor, moving up and down constsntly. I'm sick of these issues and want to learn how not to have them. 
    I believe someone should teach people using videos, not how to do things, but how to avoid things like the aforementioned wackamole games. Let me know if you'd like to make some extra money pounding this **** into my thick skull. 
    Here's an example of my poor use of the software. The windows jump more than Jessie Owens.



    1. Renerabbitt


      Ha, I love your sense of humor about it, I'd be willing to help out but have a packed schedule this week and into the next, would you be willing to work nights? alternatively, I can go through and fix the model and record what I did to fix it. I ran into a lot of mishaps in just the first few minutes of looking into the plan, it could be very expensive to fix them all, maybe you'd like me to outline some of the fixes and let you run with the rest?

      A question about the wall modification. What do you mean by modify? what are the steps you are taking to modify it? Try and be specific and that can help me help you. I noticed that you are using the same wall type for all walls. Common practice would be to use different wall types for different construction assemblies. Only use the painter tools for texture changes on like assemblies...otherwise you should change textures in the wall type definition dbx.

      I've mentioned before that you shouldn't be dragging wall heights in 3d, you should leave them default and control the top plate and sill levels in your floor structure settings. It creates a lot of problems when you manually change the heights. I manually change wall heights on maybe 1 out of 100 plans.

      The interior walls and structure really do lend themselves to the overall construction of a home in CA. It is very difficult to build an accurate shell without the interior walls and floor levels. For instance, you could very easily have built the floor plan and then auto built roofs and the roofs would've taken only an hour or less instead of taking hours to assemble.

      All this being said, very impressive and complicated house you are putting together, you're going to be a beast of a modeler if this is the pace you keep. Feel free to give me a call if you like and we can talk through it.

      (925) 300-7004

  2. For some reason my garage is showing a foundation BEFORE I created one. Plus, if I add a basement to the rest of the house, the garage foundation is the same height as the rest of the house. I just want a slab foundation under the garage.

    ashley 1st floor plan done.plan

  3. Put my id in and then I will give you my password and you can see  my screen. Not sure about audio though.

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