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  1. You Can Now Register For Our Design Challenge & Make Your 3D Design Submissions For Your Friend & Family To Like…C&C=Google


    1. UniqueSmallHomes


      Thank you for comintg on board as I like what I see. I have a design that fits some of the products seen here. It is a 921 SQ FT  house on a  foundation with two bed rooms and two full baths and a full sized kitchen in two stories with a unique roof design as it features a shed, inverted gull wing and Gable roofing as well as other features ...Thank you again

    2. PH_Decor_Design


      Thanks. You are welcome

  2. Add this high quality side console 3D model from Desalto to your Interior 3D Interior library while it is available from our Update 3D Package until 25th October 2019


  3. Lynx sell these outdoor cabinets and from our latest Update 3D Package you can download these 3D models today until the 25th October to use for future design projects


  4. With direct access to our 3D HUB you get access first-hand to these bathroom fixture 3D models from Duravit for your 3D design projects and renderings


  5. Until the 25th October you can download these high quality 3D models in CA format as part of our latest Update 3D Package.



  6. Get our latest Update 3D Package today which include these 400+ high quality 3D Models in CA format until the 3rd October 2019


  7. Available for you to download now until 20th September are these high quality 3D models in CA format as part of our latest Update 3D Package.

    GIF Aug 19-02.gif

  8. Our latest Update 3D Package is now available for your to download 250+ new 3D Models in the CA format till the 9th September 2019

    GIF Aug 19-02.gif

  9. Through Back Thursday...
    Auditorium designed as part of a (Back-Of-House) Meeting & Training Center for hotel staff...
    AutoCAD for general lay-out & Floor Plan and used CA HD Pro 18 for rendering and presentation.
    Feel free to visit our website to learn more how we can assist you to setup your own 3D Shop & Profile at no cost to you...
    #3dmodelling #3dmodel #3dproduct

    Aud 01.jpg

    Aud 02.jpg

    Aud 03.jpg

  10. Are you a 3D model designer and want to share/sell your 3D Models with others in the CA (.calibz) or any other CAD & BIM formats?
    Visit our website to learn more how we can assist you to setup your own Personal 3D Shop & Profile at no costs to you.
    #3dmodelling #3dmodel #3dproduct


  11. Our First Set Of Collections Are Also Now Available In The CA .calibz Formats For You At Our 3D Shop...




  12. The latest update to our 3D Library Archive is available now in the .calibz format for

  13. We are super excited to share with you our 3D Shop is now officially open!
    Where you can shop and submit online unique & royalty free 3D Products in any major CAD & BIM formats suitable for any 3D design project & rendering.

  14. There are only three days left for you to submit your designs for our Design Challenge of Aug 2018.
    It Is your change to win a Pro II Level Membership with our 3D Club worth $300

  15. Our latest Update to our 3D Model Library-Archive is available from today till the 21 September 2018