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  1. Hello, The help section on RP say: “Plans can also be imported into Chief Architect X7 and newer professional 3D drafting software, and Home Designer 2016 and newer programs.” I assume that the importing into other software would mean that a dwx or dwg can be downloaded or exported form the cloud. Is this possible please? Cheers, Guy.
  2. guyrws

    Merging Plans

    Hello, We are moving offices. So it would make life very easy if I could either merge the two projects, copy the new floor plan to the old one or transfer the existing furniture from old to new. Is there a way to do this please? I posted the above question on Chief Architect Support and received an email to download the trial version of Home Designer with no supporting advice. Is it possible to download my Room Planner files from my App cloud account and import into Home Designer? Regards, Guy.
  3. guyrws

    Height of Stock Desk Wrong

    Hello, The height of a desk is as default 110cm when a standard desk is 75cm. However if I change the desk's height to 76cm it shows up as too low in 3D. Please see attached screenshot, 110cm on left 76cm on right. How is this so please? Cheers, Guy.