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  1. Brian could you please lets us all now if Graham is right saying we can out right buy the program and we don't need internet every 14 days?  If so please tell us how much it cost to get the X10 upgrade without internet re-licensing.  Thanks Brain!  You will make a lot of users happy!

  2. This is why I'm starting WeThePeopleSayNo.org  Like the Harvey Weinstein and Me Too Movement.  We as a group have power and rights.  We are going to name all companies try extortion like this a danger to the public.  Thanks to Chief and Derek this will be a national movement announces on all social media and TV station worlds wide in a few days.  Everyone is going to now Chief as our Harvey Weinstein.  I'm just giving Chief the chance to lead the fight for us the users or be the face of the monster the world is going to take down like dirt old men.  They have a few days left to decide.  They were asked Monday! I hope they love us as much as we love then and will understand they have gone too far and will want to show they care where their bread is buttered.

  3. I want us all to test this.  Has anyone seen Chief say or guarantee what I'm saying is not true?  That our last upgrade will still work without SSA fees?  Why Not has Chief put this to rest and given us a guarantee this is not what they are up to and NEVER WILL?  We can all hold our SSA fees for 6 months and see if X10 still works.  Will this do as the test you are asking for Perry H?


    Let's all try!  Perry has a great idea and it works with what Derek head of sales has said don't upgrade to X10 stay in X9 for this year.  Only use X10 if you are willing to lose the work.

  4. I asked Derek Monday Night, He sent the request to Greg and Scott Monday night.  And know I was going to launch a national complain.  I waited all week and never heard back.  Now I'm moving forward to worn users about bring X10 into their office.  Like I have said Derek said if we don't like it stay in X9. That is all Chief has had to say.

  5. Gram;


    I have to head to a appointment, let me know if they take it down.  You can e-mail me or call me from my website.  Have a great weekend!


  6. Hi Chris, do you now if we will have to keep paying now to make the program work if we upgrade to X10?  Many of us only upgrade every other year.

  7. I am a chief user for over 22 years, started with 3D Architect then moved to X6 and then every upgrade to date.  I and my friends have asked Chief for slanted walls for over 20 years now.  Maybe someday we will get it.  Pass that GREAT Program!  I love it.  Check out my website on residential then on the drawing board.  I make Floating Homes, and Space stations and ships in the program beside both residential and commercial projects.

    Please feel free to contact me or e-mail me I would love to talk about how great Chief Architect has been for my business and how I have used it to stay alive during building down-turns.  Contact info on my website.  www.JAFConcepts.com

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