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  1. Good Morning!  I am upgrading to x11 this week and wanted to know what to do with x10 and x9 on my desktop.  Can I move these over to a zip drive and retrieve them later if I need to view an old plan that I made?  I'm trying to free up some space on my computer.  I haven't used x9 since I upgraded to x10, so I'm assuming that once I upgrade to x11, I won't be using x10 either.  What do you guys do?




  2. 5 minutes ago, ShaneK said:

    I and others use "PDF Exchange" and in the file pull down menu is an option called "save as optimized" and it reduces file size nicely and still in color. 22mb reduced to 3mb was last one I "optimized".

    Great.  I'll try it.  Thanks

  3. 16 hours ago, Joe_Carrick said:

    What program are you using to create the PDF?  I use Nuance PDF Printer and get about 30 MB for 31 sheets.  Also check the DPI settings.  Anything over 600 DPI is overkill and even 300 DPI should be adequate.

    How Do I check this?


  4. 16 hours ago, RL-inc said:

    Are you sending standard plan and elevation views to layout?


    What is the size of the PDF if you print the Layout template only? 


    Do you have any PDF files imported to layout or the plan that are printing as well? No

    Those have a tendency to be cumbersome.


    Definitely something odd there- my PDF's are generally around 4-8MB - even when fairly complex as far as my wok is concerned.


    I looked back at my other PDF's and you're right -  They are between 4-8mb.  I Think the resolution might have changed(?) which will make the file larger...any way to check this (Chief Architect Version)



    16 hours ago, RL-inc said:



  5. I went to print my layout to PDF so I could send it to my subs for quoting like I always do.  For some reason, the PDF file is 39MB.  I deleted and tried again multiple times to see if I was doing anything different.  At first, it was 54MB, so I thought my live views imported to the layout page were too large, so I deleted them and sent them to the layout page as pictures instead.  When I resent the layout to print (Chief Architect PDF), the final time, the file is still 39MB.  

    Is there a way to see what is attached to the file to make it this large?

    BTW, My plans/layouts are rudimentary and usually are 13MB when printed to PDF.

    Thanks, Jim

    I'm using X10 Version