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  1. You are correct.  If X7, X8 or X9 are renamed (and appear to be missing) I will get an error message.  I lost X4, X5, and X6 "Textures" folder in a hard drive failure.  I get "Missing Textures" error on my old custom materials.   


    I requested this same feature back in 2008.  Could not hurt to ask for it again.  I was just hoping that Chief already had a work around, or some super Chief users had figured out a way to designate a specific "Textures" folder as a default. 


    Thanks anyway!



    EDIT... I posted this topic in "Suggestions"    

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  2. My X7, X8, X9, and X10 “Textures” folders are pretty much repeats.  Each "Textures" folder is about 7GB.  


    I would like to consolidate all previous "Textures"  folders into one folder and delete all the duplication.  

    • How can I instruct Chief to search in one folder for all .jpgs? 
    • Is this possible, or is this a bad idea?  
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  3. I am currently working with a couple building their 2400 square foot, one story, retirement home in Colorado  They sent me a paper and pencil blueprint, and I entered it into X9. After seeing their home in 3D, they want to make some modifications.  While I can help them change their plan and make it look the way they want, I do not offer full construction documents.  Are there any Colorado CA users out there who would be wiling to step in at this stage and complete the construction documents?   I will send the original paper pencil drawings and the the X9 .plan file so you will need not start from scratch.




  4. Yep, there is an option for any mesh to "hide to global illumination" in Blender and Maxwell.  I was just wishing that I could get the same effect while doing the shadow renderings in Chief.  Would be so cool!

    I have tried the Spherical Panoramic Backdrops, but I cannot get the control I want regarding North South East & West placement... maybe I have just not fiddled with it enough.  Thanks for the reply.  I will give it a go!

  5. I often build huge cylinders to represent a client's distant view.  I paint them with a panorama made from lot photos.  The cylinder cast a giant shadow over the terrain and house.  Is there a way to set the property of a symbol so that it will NOT cast a shadow?  

  6. A gal contacted me who needs to hire a contractor for her home's remodel.  

    I just do the PPPs... (Pretty Pixel Pictures), so I am not the right person for the job.  


    She needs... 

    • A contractor to give her a bid for the remodel of her home in Lancaster TX
    • Someone who will go measure her existing home, and develop AS-BUILT drawings
    • Someone who will show her 3D renderings of what the proposed remodel will look like when completed.  

    I have her name, email, and phone number to give you if you are interested.  






  7. Hey John


    “I think we might have a winner with this one!  These are the exact errors I'm getting.  All things being verified as working properly, this is the turd in the punch bowl variable that might be causing the issue since there are already known issues acknowledged by Chief with bringing x7 files forward - mainly the issue with the roof overhang encroaching into an interior room in 3d and elevation views, which I'm having a big issue with.”

    ​Have you gotten any answers from tech support regarding what to do? 

    For now I am just going to use X7 for my X7 created .plan files. 




  8. When you refer to the former X7 plan, are you activating a saved camera in that plan that was saved in X7? If so reopen the plan in X8, do not use any of the existing cameras, place a new camera and see if it problem reoccurs. I had some similar issues with cameras originally saved in X7. There have been some changes in the camera view settings in X8, l think there can be instances where these do not get properly readjusted when a X7 plan is converted to X8.




    Thanks Graham. 


    Yes, the problem happened when I used a camera that had been created in X7 but also when I open a new camera in X8.   


    I talked to tech support and they asked me to send them the file.  As you said, many things have changed from X7 to X8 and one of them is how X8 displays shadows.  I had shadows "on" in the X7 plan when I "backed up entire plan."


    Shadows in X7 did slow down the camera views, but in my opinion they looked more natural than the new X8 shadows.  If you turn on X8 "legacy shadows," camera views are slow and the shadows are poor.  In my opinion, X8 legacy shadows are not worth the wait.   


    Thanks for the reply!


  9. Just installed Windows 10, and X8. 

    • No problems when opening a camera view in X8 of a house model built with X8. 
    • When I tried to open a camera view of a house built in X7, X8 gave me "serious error" and "unexpected error" messages. 

    Video Card Error Message After Install of X8

    Left render created in X7.  Right render and error - X8
    (My video card drivers are up to date.)

    Has anyone else had video card errors using X8 to open camera views in plans built with X7?

  10. Hi Carolyn


    There are a few online sites that sell beautiful 3D meshes of actual high end furniture.  A few can be downloaded for free, but most cost a few bucks.  I generally build the items my interior decorators require, but it is NEVER a fast process for me.  I get far to caught up in getting the UVs perfect SLOW. Your boss needs to know that what she asks is NOT a simple process.  Wish it was!


    Anyway, one of the best online source for high end furniture meshes is https://www.designconnected.com/  Turbo Squid is getting more and more furniture from quality 3D artist.  If you are lucky you can find the actual piece of furniture you need like these from Barbara Baker  Note that not all TurboSquid 3D artist are equal.  Take a look at their reviews before buying a mesh.  


    Good luck!


  11. Great texture source, but at the bottom of every library there is a "not for commercial use"  statement.
    I see where they accept donations but no indication you would be able to use the textures commercially even if you donate.  Bummer.

  12. Here is an image with my framing settings. No Soffit checked in the options tab. I am not sure how much more automatic that could have been unless you phoned it in?

    This is nuts.  I started over, this time with a fresh CA template.  Using your settings I got the rafter tails on the gable fascia to work, but now the frieze board I added does not show.  Sheese! 


    Gremlins have migrated to my noggin. :blink:


  13. Just tried it in X6. Worked as expected. Just basically un-check all the boxes and make the gable sub-fascia the same depth as the rafters and voila.


    Can't explain the gremlins. I am working in a plan with only 4 walls and a gable roof to test so maybe on a more complicated plan it gets more ..uhh.. complicated.


    Same here.  Just started over with a new test house.  Still something is wonka.   


    Thanks anyway for the tips guys!.  Knowing that it CAN be done is a big help. 

    I will keep trying to figure out where I zigged instead of zagged. 


    Probably would not hurt me to review the X6 videos. :)



  14. Could this be a new problem in X6? Sorry I can only use my X5 right now, but I can't find a way to NOT have the gable fascia have the rafter tail design.

    I followed your suggestions and got it to work once, then tried it again and the gable end fascia went missing.  Tried it again and the rafter tail was there but the rest of the gable end fasica was gone.  CLEARLY... I do not have the knack, or the CA gremlins are messing with me. 

  15. Hey, that is a very interesting work around!  Still not as automated as I had hoped.  I would like a rafter tail tic box or menu selection that would add a rafter tail to the gable end fascia AND change all other settings needed to use rafter tails.  How about a pull-down menu option when you click on a roof plane in camera view! X6 has spoiled me.  I want it all!  :-)

  16. Problem...

    • Exposed rafters display the custom rafter profile perfectly, but the gable end fasica defaults to a basic board shape.

    This is the work around I have been using, but it takes too long...

    • Generate roof framing with custom rafter tail
    • Copy a rafter with decorative rafter tail to the gable fascia location.
    • Adjust the height of the gable fascia board if needed 

    Is there an automated way?

    I found this Legacy discussion on rafter tails - Dec 2013, but as far as I can understand, it gives no automated way.
    If there really IS no automated way, I could certainly use this feature.

    This is an example of the look I need to create - Rafter tails with matching shape gable fascia