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  1. Im adding an addition to the side of an existing home that has 2 x 4 wall framing with siding that has a single pour monolithic slab on grade.  The new addition foundation will be the exact same so there will be a new footer next to the existing and doweled together.  Does anyone have a CAD cross section showing this?  I was surprised not to find that configuration in the library.  Thanks

  2.  Im in Keller / Southlake, Have a 28 year old design build firm.  In no where near a Chief expert but have been using since version 8.0 (not X-8) back in 2000.  Phillip, how long have you been away from Chief?  A lot has changed over the years most for the better with more tools with less keystrokes. I would say the user interface has remained fairly constant over the years.

  3. We discussed options today and something came up that seems to always be the case.  We make it a rule not to change the file names of plan files but how often do we all have clients that want to see so many different options... Painted versus stained, tub / no tub, cabinets to the ceiling or not and on and on. When I was the only one in the office that worked in the designs it was fairly easy to keep track of each plan but now with 3-4 potential people that may have a hand in the files How can you get away not having multiple plan file names for the painted versus stained and so on?  We currently have a project that the client can not make up her mind on so many items. We have 5 different tile designs just for one of the six baths we are remodeling. I have had two different designers working on the same plan at the same time making changes and not knowing another designer was doing tother work but didn't realize it until they tried to save and file locking prevented them from saving their work so thy have to give that plan a new name.  It would be nice if someoene was in a plan no one else could open that plan or it be a read only or some sort of notification that the plan is currently in use.  Venting a bit here but just looking for more suggestions for a solution.  Even with good office communications there will always be the human factor that will come into play and bite you.

  4. I know there is a way but for the life of me cant remember. Maybe the eyedropper???    I applied a three step crown to a tall panty and want to apply it to all the other tall and wall cabinets.   Also if I change a cabinet door style how to change all the cabinets at the same time.  I thought it used to be you could only edit walls, talls and bases separately. Only the subject of doors I have found several door style like shakers that the "glass door" button is greyed out. why is that?  We use a lot of simple shaker doors with no mullions with glass front but instead of checking the glass door box I have to change the center door panel material from wood to glass.  Thanks

    Screenshot 2023-01-13 142040.png

  5. I have a few people that may work on a plan to get it ready for presentation.   I or one of my other designers may work on the as built along with the new proposed floor plan. I have a cabinet specialist that will take the empty floorplan layout and specify all cabinetry and usually one other to do lighting plan based on client selections, tile designs, material take offs, accessorizing, etc.  Obviously no two people can be working on the same plan at a time. How would one recommend naming plans that can bounce between a few people to ensure the newest user is truly working in the latest plan.  Of course good communications between staff but you cant always depend on that 100%.  Any others that have multiple designers that may work on the same plan throughout a day or week?

  6. I saved an older plan that was done in X10 or X11  The clients put it on hold and now ready to go forward.  I opened in X14 and I know I have a lot of updates to do but when I saved it there were no save issues or warnings but I do see this Debug file in the same folder. Has anyone had this before. Anything I should be concerned with? The plan open fine.

    Screenshot 2023-01-06 154223.png

    Screenshot 2023-01-06 154300.png

  7. 28 minutes ago, Alaskan_Son said:

    It looks to me like you are simply using the time tracker tool incorrectly. You are attempting to use the start and end dates as a query to get a total of time log entries, but that’s not what that section is for. You are simply selecting a start and end date for a new/edited entry. The time between January 27 and December 6 is about 10 days or 240 hours. 

    It still sounds crazy and a useless tool  if you have a time span of 10 days x 24 hrs per day its going to 240 hours.  What use is that to someone.  I does track time from one point in time to another point in time but not how much time you've spent work on a pan.

  8. You can do a full plan back up and make sure you selected to include all referenced materials and it will save everything to whatever file you wish. When you open that file location you will see all the references files and textures you have to weed thru to find the actual plan file. (See attached screenshot) Once you open and save the plan to your laptop it will include all the referenced files and textures. (See attached screenshots)


    Hope this helps

    Screenshot 2023-01-06 111621.png

    BU 1.png

    BU 2.png

  9. The time log has always been a thorn in my side.  I have it set to auto stop after 5 mins of no activity but every time I look at the log for a project it is nowhere near where it should be.  Example.  I have been doing some revisions on a plan between 12-27-2022 thru today 1-6-2023.  I opened the time tracker log and entered these start and end dates I wanted to see the time spent but as usual it is never correct.  In this case it was about 20-21 hrs. based on my own manual time tracking but the time log shows 240+ hours.  There are even days in this plan and most other plans it shows time spent during a single of 100+ hours when there's only 24 in a day.  I don't get it.  

    Time Log.png

  10. For someone that has never used Sketchup but has used a lot of single symbols from 3D Warehouse can someone tell me when I want to download a symbol in this case a shelving unit but there are two of them in the downloaded file but I want to separate them or just use one or both but as separate symbols and add to my library how to do this. I'm just wanting the symbol only with nothing else.  I also see a lot of these symbols on 3D WH that has a person in them.. Not sure why but want to keep the symbol but get rid of the person.  See the attached screenshots of two examples.



    Screenshot 2022-12-11 114521.png

    Screenshot 2022-12-11 112758.png

    Screenshot 2022-12-11 114419.png

    Screenshot 2022-12-11 112848.png

  11. 47 minutes ago, richoffan said:

    So the software is going to cost more...a lot more. It some ways it will "cull the litter" oh well (sorry just got a new puppy!) I do strongly feel Chief has an obligation to its long time users, supporters, testers, collaborators (you get the idea) to a definitive pricing structure for SSA for the foreseeable future. "Joe, the SSA price will not change on Jan. 10." is not an answer. A grace period for renewal and / or  a way to keep a card on file - everyone from MS to Adobe to Norton etc can do it - I'm sure you can figure it out. For how long will our perpetual licenses be supported (guaranteed) if a user choses to opt out of SSA and many other things. For the record not happy. It ain't broke - don't fix it. 

    I agree. I have been using Chief since version 8.0 back in 1999 and there should be a sort of loyalty on the part of CA since users life myself have been loyal to them for 20+ years and with three licenses. I hope they do the right thing.

  12. Thanks Susan. I already watched one of her videos and picked up a few tips.  Ill reach out to her.  Attached is a room rendering of before I saw her video and then an after watching and changing the setting she recommended.  I feel it is much better

    Before Rendering.png

    After Rendering.png

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