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  1. Firstival, I am sorry if this topic is in the wrong place.


    I am new with Chief Architect and bought the software last year and rarely use (learn) it.  I am thinking of purchasing Surface Pro (I5 cause I7 is not available with LTE option).  Has anyone used Chief Architect with the new Surface Pro and will it get support by Chief Architect?


    Thanks in advance.


    Johnny Ho

  2. Hi all,


    I am new with Chief Architect and just start out training with the Chic Cottage Project and I am stuck with Part 10.  The roof didn't come out right and I spent a lot of hours trying to go back with the video several times and still couldn't find out what did I do wrong.  I am attaching the plan and hope someone can help me to point out my mistake.


    Thanks in advance!




    Chi Cottage-Current.plan