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    ...adjust the technique options to your liking.


    However, this only gets you part way there - there is no cut plane, so you won't see windows and doors.


    If you use the Delete Surfaces tool you can get rid of the ceiling and the tops of the walls to show the interior and windows/doors.


    17 minutes ago, ChiefUserGingerP said:

    How do I push it out so that only 6-12" is in the room and the body of the FP is 18" outside the wall?

    Use the diagonal radio button, just pull the fireplace out to where you want it. You can make other size adjustments in the dialog box.

    fireplace locate.jpg

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  3. Ginger, you will need to add this tool to one of your toolbars. If you look at the first attached image you will see that you can select "customize toolbars" from your tools drop down menu. Once you select this you will see a drop down of all the tools available to you, the one you are looking for is "fireplace" (image 2). Good luck

    Fireplace symbol 1.jpg

    Fireplace symbol 2.jpg

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  4. 23 hours ago, NewLeafHomeDesig said:

    Would really like the trimmer defaults to control the placement of the door rather than the casing width.

    If I am understanding what you want, you can set this up in your defaults. Or open the dimension default you are working with and change it temporarily.

    Locate objects defaults.jpg

  5. Does anyone know where I can find a symbol for an electric car charger? I am looking for a residential charger, not a charging station. Tried a search to no avail, would appreciate any help. Thanks

  6. Steve, your X, Y, Z plan placement should all be at 0 (first image) and your X, Y, Z symbol origin should also be at 0 (third image). You can access the symbol origin with the "chair" symbol you see when you select the item (second image)

    fixture placement 1.jpg

    fixture placement 2.jpg

    fixture placement 3.jpg

  7. I was able to turn these dimensions on and off when I checked a few of your layer sets. When I open the plan on your electrical set there are no dimensions showing until I check Dimensions, Manual so everything seems to be working as it should, not sure what might be going on.