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  1. Thank you very much!  I stopped using Chief for rendering long ago, before they improved the Chief render engine.  There are some really nice renderings being done now, just using Chief, but I have not learned how to do them.   


    Going from Chief to Maxwell requires export out to several different software programs before the model is render ready for Maxwell.  Tedious.  Maxwell Render engine is good, but it is also very SLOW and it take monster CPU power.  Wish there was a better faster way!

    In x8, the render engine became really better but still not enough as it could be.

    I did some researches for some render engines like thea, V-ray,... and like the way you said, at first we have to export to .3ds and then..., but each of these programs need skill and has a long story as you mention.

    I wish chief gives a solution for this issue

  2. Thank you very much!  I always build my house models in Chief, but rendering is not done in Chief.  I export a .3ds then render in Maxwell Render.

    This is the best I've seen here

    thanks for your response