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  1. I have been waiting for a long time for Chief Architect to come out with their mobile version. When I read that I could connect a Leica Disto via bluetooth, I knew I could cut my project time. I carefully read the instructions on the page relating to which devices work with which operating systems and ordered a new Leica Disto. When it arrived, I could not connect to my Samsung Tab 3. Went out and bought a brand new Tab. Could not connect the Disto. Called tech support, "it doesn't work with Marshmallow, our developers are working on it." So, I returned the Tab and spent four days trying to find a new Tab that had Lollipop on it. Finally found it, received it and.....cannot connect the Disto. I can see it, but cannot click on it to pair. I now find that this is documented on the Forum. Why, oh why did the tech support guy tell me it would work? I am so frustrated with this, including the fact that I had to pay twice for the room planner app since I couldn't migrate it over to my new tab. In my view, this is unacceptable for a large software firm. Chief Architect, light a fire under your develops or drop the page that claims that we can use a Disto with Room Planner. Irate!
  2. Be aware, the Room Planner software WILL NOT work with Android Marshmallow. If you have updated to Marshmallow, you are out of luck. Chief Architect claims their developers are working on this, but it has been months. Hope it will work with the new Nougat operating system. I did find a tablet with Lollipop on it, but I will have to fight tooth and nail to keep it from updating to Marshmallow. If it does, according to Chief Architect, it will be an expensive paper weight. Maybe Chief Architect would like to include this information on the page they recommend laser measuring devices?