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  1. Scott, on a recent thread (elevation data point problem) glenn advised that a change of terrain surface smoothing to linear would remove peaks & troughs. Is it possible that you played with this setting in terrain defaults after viewing that post, that then affected your plans when you opened them?

    I'm still perplexed by the terrain mysteries of when to use linear terrain smoothing, could glenn (the zeus of ca) please find some time to enlighten this mere mortal with a video on terrains

    many thanks


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  2. If you want to have the same material texture for your render views for both new and existing works, create two materials with the same texture but make one with no pattern. Name them stucco & stucco exist. You can use the 'two materials' application for all your external walls & roof areas to distinguish new from existing.

    I also like to then have two wall types, one for new & one for existing, each with the differing material applied. You can also have different fill for the walls to distinguish exist from new in plan view.

    as Alan said try adjusting the spacing of the pattern of speckles & the line weight of the pattern to get the look you desire

  3. Railing &deck tools icon, straight deck edge child tool.

    In my metric version the default wall/ railing is 100mm invisible deck railing/fence wall.

    This type of wall, once it encloses a space, predetermines the type of room ie a deck with all its associated default framing.

    To get a single edge for the room/ deck area, right click inside the space and choose make room poly line. Then turn off the layer that your walls/rails are on if you don't want to see them.

  4. somehow you have probably double clicked on the text box when entering the "wall mounted tv" text thereby bringing up the default dbx

    double click to bring up default text dbx and delete text. exit dbx and your good to go

  5. Note of caution however to the op. All building is constructed within a site specific context with external factors to the building itself, that includes site slope, fencing, pergolas awnings, trees, courtyard walls, adjoining buildings or structures etc, that will affect the amount of sunlight. whether that be direct, indirect or shading. Im not so sure how accurate chief is with regards to depicting the affect that those external factors may have.