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  1. That's a great help thank you! Initially in the example above I converted the Chief File to 3DS then importing it into 3ds Max.  I've just tried your method of converting it to .DWG and all scales are correct so thank you for that, however when I ''convert to an editable poly'' I don't see the option to then extrude the walls up to the desired hight (they're just flat) is there a way to do this or will I have to just trace over the plan?   I'm not familiar with FBX, i've heard it mentioned a few times on these forums but don't really know what it is? 

  2. Hi everyone,


    I've been teaching myself 3DS Max for the last few weeks... It's been going ok and thankfully I know AutoCAD quite well so it's not been to steep a learning curve so far.... what I want to know is if anyone here uses Chief & 3DS Max?  


    Basically I want to do the general plan in Chief then export it over to 3DS Max to complete the interior, lighting textures and materials, then render it in V-ray (is there anyone on here who does this or has done this) when I've tried the plan seems to import fine but the scales don't match and I don't understand why? everything looks to scale but when I measure things they are nothing like what they should be?


    If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be great?


    I've attached the two examples below....


    Thank you,







  3. I initially tried dragging it over from the folder I saved it in an that's when I was getting the issue, once I tried importing it, it seemed to work for this symbol, however I do still get it happening with other symbols but it's sporadic sometimes it doesn't happen at all other times no matter what I do I can't get it to import as a single symbol...


    I use Chief x6 and SU Pro 2014 by the way.....


    Thank you for everyone's input so far, i'll keep you all updated if it happens again...






  4. I'm not sure how to tell what SU version it was built in, but when i downloaded the files I had the option to download 'SU 2013, SU 2008 or Google Earth KMZ models' I chose 2008 and 2013 but had the same issue with both?




  5. Hello,



    I've experienced a few issues with symbols imported from 3D Warehouse. The symbol seem to import all the individual parts exploded out?   

    Does anyone have any idea what might be causing it, and how to fix it?? 


    Attached just a couple of examples....And also the original picture of what they're supposed to look like.....


    Hope you can help, 









  6. Thanks Cheryl.... I think?  ;) I feel like I'm giving all my secrets away, but it feels nice to actually help someone on here for the 1st time, I just wish I could do it more often! 


    Here's some more images, different camera angle but all the same settings as previous post (just to prove it wasn't luck)


    p.s This was also done on my computer and not on my laptop so it was much quicker (10 passes with photon mapping & caustics on under 6mins 800 x 300ish res)









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  7. Hey Pascalli,
    Turn on Photon Mapping (and Caustics if you want) a lot of people don't like to use these as it takes longer to raytrace, but I use it in all my daytime Interior images as this is what It does.... It calculates where all the reflective light hits objects and bounces it around the room.  The compute Caustics can also be turned on as this is good for light coming through glass, however it's not essential in this case.
    Here's the exact same image with Photon Mapping/Compute Caustics ticked.  All the images had the same Sun Light attributes (day,time,angle) to try and keep it as fair as possible.... Also note I only did three passes on all the raytraces as I'm pushed for time but obviously the longer you leave it the better the results.
    Check out the difference below...





  8. Ok, here's something that happened to me once before, when I was using Chief x4 and it's never happened since so I assumed it was sorted.... Until today, I'm now using x6...


    Basically I am in the middle of doing this Kitchen, I pretty much have it how I want it so I did a quick Raytrace (2 passes) to make sure everything is looking ok.... and I get this....   


    The 1st two images look how I would expect but for some reason in the Raytrace image the Cabinet Doors are a different colour, I checked the DBX to make sure they didn't have a texture attached, but they didn't the colour I used was a Benjamin Moore 'Labrador Blue' but I got similar results when I tried the 'Dew' colour from the Chief Architect colour pallet too??


    It seems very strange to me, Anyone any ideas?











  9. Hello everyone, 


    I was just wondering if anyone out there has ever done a roof similar to this picture below, is it/would it be easy to achieve in Chief??  






  10. Hello again,


    I've read/heard that the best way to do this is to Export to '.3DS' then Import to Sketch-Up then Export to .DAE - However when I click on 'Export' the option to 'Export to .3DS' is greyed out - would I need 3DS installed on my comp for this option to become available??

  11. Hello everyone,


    I'm just wondering if anyone on here knows if it's possible to export 'Chief' Files into Lumion 3D and if it does weather it's an easy process or not?  I haven't got Lumion but I have a friend who uses it and thought there could be a possibility of collaborating our work and for me to learn a new program? (which is always a bonus!)





  12. Hi everyone,


    Just want to know if anyone has a tried and tested way to fix Ceilings with gaps at joints... whenever I do a moderately complex roof I have this issue where the ceiling's interior finish is lost where it should join with the next ceiling plane, it doesn't seem to quite join properly and shows the under-board material, sometimes I can pretty much get rid of this by trial and error, however it can take longer than it does to actually build the roof this way and was wondering if maybe I'm just missing something, and there is a quick fix/method?


    In this example, the roof pitch is all set correct, and from the exterior view it looks ok (not 100%, but ok), but internally the view in the Living Room looks quite bad with the gaps quite visible...


    Any help would be really appreciated...



    I forgot to add, the roof planes seem to line up quite well in plan view too, which is why I don't understand why they don't in the interior view?