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  1. Hey Rob, I sent you an email with a rendering of the project you sent over..would you mind if I used it to offer my rendering services here on the forums?

  2. Hey DMD, made a quick video for you for my method of the double gable- maybe it helps you out.



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    2. Alaskan_Son


      Remember those methods are really only valid if you can turn auto roofs on. In David's example this may or may not have been possible.  Also, just a thought, but I find that the automated tools aren't a great start for beginners much of the time because as soon as they can't use auto for some reason then they're stumped all over again.  For this reason, I often like to teach people the manual way very early on. 

    3. Renerabbitt


      I learned that was as well, I only switched after noticing post after post of solver kicking butt at complex auto-roofs. That made me switch to auto-build and I feel as if it is superior, different strokes...I may feel differently after coaching slews of people in on-on-one. Its important to know how roofs function which would make sense to teach manual methods

    4. DMDesigns


      Thanks, buddy - So many cool ways right? 



  3. Hey Mr. Scott, any moves on your end...did you end up with a different software?

  4. Hey Eric, 

    Being the guru of Auto-roof I wanted to ask, Is it possible to have a shed roof in roof group 0 slope down to a hip which serves as the high shed on a lower garage roof group 1?

    I can do it manually but I could not get it to work with auto-build

    Here is a terrible pic taken by my company owner for reference:



    1. solver


      Not sure I understand how the roofs are set up, but I'm guessing no. 

      What might be handy when using roof groups is roof directives in walls tied to a roof group, so one wall could have multiple roof directives, each tied to a specific roof group.

      All kinds of workarounds used by the Home Designer users that do not have manual roofs.

  5. Hey Jared,

    Curious if you offer up your macros..I'd be willing to donate :)

    1. jbaehmer


      My macros are actually are from Joe Carrick.  I have modified them to display how I want them to look, but the main coding portion is Joe's.   You would need to contact him.

    2. Renerabbitt


      Thank you, appreciate the quick reply, your video gave me a few ideas...kudos!